Cathedral City Memorial Properties


Sacred Palms

Prominently located on the vista when entering the gates, the stunning Sacred Palms Mausoleum is the newest addition to the Forest Lawn Cathedral City Memorial-Park. Beautifully finished in imperial red granite and accented with Madura gold granite feature sections that create a gorgeous color contrast. The mausoleum is comprised of an array of property types, including single and companion crypts, true companion crypts, single couch crypts, and Westminster couch crypts. This magnificent new development surrounded by stately palm trees, offers visitors a peaceful oasis for quiet reflection. Memorial Property: Wall crypts

Starting at $7,600



Faith and Hope

The Faith and Hope columbarium consists of four buildings within the heart of the two-story mausoleum. There is a featured two-story waterfall that creates a sense of tranquility that is ideal for meditative reflection. The interior corridors of Faith and Hope are accented with Italian marble, while the exterior corridors have delicate red granite. The Faith and Hope development offers varied niche walls to select from for personalized permanent memorialization. Memorial Property: Niches

Starting at $330


Mountain Vista

Located in a gated section on the second floor of the Mausoleum, Mountain Vista is a blend of glass and granite front niches, offering a unique property type in one of the most private sections of the park. Gorgeous window views of the San Jacinto Mountains provide a lovely backdrop for the property. An assortment of glass-front niches, contrasted by surrounding granite-front niches, creates a distinctive design in the center of each wall. Unique and creative urns can be displayed as fine art in this elegant, museum-like setting. Memorial Property: Niches

Starting at $580