Cypress Memorial Properties


Constant Love

Constant Love offers significant property value and graceful views of the surrounding areas within the park, including Sheltering Trees and Morning Star. Located in the eastern side of the park, Constant Love features many shady trees and allows for easy street access to all sections within the development. It is easy to see why Constant Love is one of the most popular areas within the park. Memorial Property: Single ground interment spaces

Starting at $4,600


Garden of Protection

Situated adjacent to the impressive Ascension Mausoleum, the Garden of Protection is a stunning development comprised of raised sections of companion garden crypts which are framed by single ground interment spaces. This featured location contains three significant sculptures, including For Such is the Kingdom of Heaven, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, and Forest Lawn’s only bronze reproduction of Michelangelo’s David. The David is the centerpiece of the development and provides a sense of comfort and strength to the surrounding landscape. Additionally, five mosaics surround the base of the David, colorfully depicting the story of David’s life. A large variety of mature trees shade this centrally located property that offers magnificent views of the lovely park grounds and brilliant western sunsets. Memorial Property: Companion garden crypts, single ground interment spaces

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Gardens of Memory

A low wall surrounds one of the park’s premier properties, Gardens of Memory. This garden features both private and semi-private gardens, as well as companion garden crypts. Located adjacent to the lovely Ascension Mausoleum, Gardens of Memory offers pride of ownership for discriminating tastes. Beautiful marble statuary embellishes the property, which is framed by exceptional landscaping. This pastoral property has an intimate feel, yet is open to the central area of the park, and offers wonderful views of the picturesque Church of Our Fathers. Memorial Property: Distinguished memorials, companion garden crypts, single garden crypts

Starting at $11,000


Ascension Gardens

This private and meditative garden sanctuary is located north of the Ascension Mausoleum and contains single and companion wall crypts, as well as companion garden crypts. The stunning mosaic, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, overlooks this entire outdoor property from a row of magnificently tiled mosaic crypt fronts. The other crypt fronts feature rich white Italian Carrara marble and luxurious red granite. Finally, lovely trees in the center of garden blend all of the elements to offer true pride of ownership to its property holders. Memorial Property: Single and companion wall crypts and companion garden crypts

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