Hollywood Hills Memorial Properties


Peaceful Memory

Surrounded by the green slopes of Griffith Park, this development of single ground interment spaces is located on a gentle rise and framed by gorgeous pastoral views of the San Fernando Valley, the surrounding majestic mountain ranges, and the picturesque Old North Church. The development is easily accessible from the surrounding road. A beautiful marble statue embellishes this stately, tree-shaded development. Memorial Property: Single ground interment spaces

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Ascending Dawn

Perched on a gentle hillside at the western edge of the park, these companion lawn crypts feature wonderful views of the gorgeous mountain backdrop, providing a tranquil setting for peaceful meditation. Gentle afternoon breezes whisper along the property’s slopes, guarded by the magnificent Moses statue originally by Michelangelo, which the artist felt was his most life-like creation. Full mature trees protect the area, offering comforting shade that is perfect for quiet reflection. Memorial Property: Companion lawn crypts

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Gardens of Heritage

The elegant legacy of the Gardens of Heritage continues with the introduction of four newly completed gardens. Intimately constructed and embellished with impressive accents this area offers some of the finest property available in our parks. Two strikingly impressive mosaics, one depicting the majestic Mount Ararat and the other of the Californian landscape, are created in an old-world style from fine Italian glass and grace the walls above stately sarcophagi. Each of the sarcophagi fronts are etched with floral details and are flanked by granite vases. Beautiful, large scale marble statues enhance several of the private and semi-private gardens, which add to the prestigious nature of the gardens. The surrounding properties include single and companion garden crypts. The gardens offer sublime views of the stately Old North Church, as well as the surrounding verdant hillsides and colorfully blooming landscape. It is with great pride that we are able to offer such beautiful and meaningful memorial property to our community. Memorial Property: Distinguished memorials, single and companion garden crypts

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HH-courts of remembrance

Courts of Remembrance

Courts of Remembrance’s most current coveted development is now complete with the addition of an open grassy courtyard that contains companion garden crypts, surrounded by exterior single capacity and multi-capacity wall crypts finished in rich granite and marble. Overlooking the courtyard are two stately sarcophagi, each flanked by granite vases and boasting intricately detailed paneling. The two sarcophagi are embellished with magnificent Carrara marble statuary. This new development also features an intimate sanctuary named The Sanctuary of Treasured Love. Anchoring the sanctuary is single and companion couch crypts that are embellished with exquisite mosaics by the renowned artist Granville Redmond. Adjacent to the sanctuary is a private room which includes a beautiful sarcophagus and a pair of vases. Above the sarcophagus is a magnificent Carrara marble statue of a mother with her two children, set against a dark green granite backdrop. Across the garden is the elegant Columbarium of Morning Hope, featuring striking rose granite and white marble. This new Courts of Remembrance development is one of the most peaceful vantage points in the entire park, offering wonderful views of the stately Old North Church and the Hollywood Hills rising to the south. Memorial Property: Distinguished memorials, companion garden crypts, niches, single and companion wall crypts

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Columbarium of Sacred Trust

Upon entering the open-air Columbarium of Sacred Trust, visitors will appreciate the three magnificent statues that gracefully adorn the walls, as well as the two marble benches that provide a place to rest. The niche fronts that surround the statues are finished in a dramatic contrast of white marble and green granite. Spacious and peaceful, this columbarium is nestled within the popular development of the Courts of Remembrance, and is designed to provide a comfortable sanctuary for reflection. Memorial Property: Niches

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