Long Beach Memorial Properties



This peaceful property, which greets you as you enter the park’s gates, is adorned with pine trees, and features convenient access from the road. Located on the northern perimeter of the park and adjacent to the beautiful Moorish-inspired Memorial Chapel, this lovely location, comprised of double-depth ground interment properties, features unobstructed views of the park and the wide southern sky. Memorial Property: Double-depth ground interment spaces

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Gardens of the Sacrament

This premier property is adjacent to, and complemented by, Forest Lawn-Long Beach’s renowned 32-foot high Paradise Mosaic, a dramatic rendition of Italian painter Raphael’s original fresco, titled Disputation of the Holy Sacrament, that can be found in Rome’s Vatican. Adjoining the spectacular Sunnyside Mausoleum, this tranquil two-tiered development contains private gardens and single and companion garden crypts. The property is embellished by three center Carrara marble sarcophagi, which are framed by four resplendent Carrara marble statues, each exemplifying the theme of familial love, Memorial Property: Companion garden crypts

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Sharon Wall Crypts
(Jewish entombment only)

Dedicated to the enduring traditions of Jewish interment, the serene and private Sharon Wall Crypts feature classic travertine and rose-colored granite walls. Centrally located, these wall crypts have a perimeter of manicured landscaping, and boast exceptional views of the entire tree-lined park. Memorial Property: Single and companion wall crypts

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Columbarium of the Sacrament

Soft afternoon sunlight caresses this impressive open-air outdoor columbarium. The Columbarium of the Sacrament is highlighted by classic white and rose travertine niche fronts and features the Carrara marble statue, Gentle Love, completing the elegance of the room. Although peaceful and private, the centrally located Columbarium of the Sacrament yields unobstructed views of the tree-filled park, the ornate Cathedral Tower, and the beautiful Paradise Mosaic. Memorial Property: Niches

Starting at $1,295