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Package Details

The Devotion package includes: Basic services and facilities, transfer, embalming, care and preparation, visitation, funeral ceremony, casket coach, casket selection, floral tribute, and stationery collection.

Cemetery services include: Interment and recording, outer burial container, bronze memorial tablet, placement and foundation, single-vase tribute, and carnation boutonnieres.

Funeral Services & Memorial Selections: $9,195
Casket Discount: -$1,765
Cemetery Services: $595

Package Cost: $8,025

Please note that memorial property is not included in our packages.

Casket Selection

The caskets seen in this package are priced at $4,400.
The package includes the price of one of the following caskets. Other casket options are available and will affect the final price of the package.

Please click to see additional color options on certain caskets.

Prices are effective 2/5/2019, do not include sales tax or DCA fee, and are subject to change without notice. Call or email us for more information. Prices are subject to change.

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