At the risk of sounding like our parents—or as parents ourselves how we might sound to our children—doesn’t it seem like the world is becoming a far less kind place that it once was?  We see television new shows with political opponents battling each other, often at fever pitch levels. The Internet is full of outlandish and hateful posts that do nothing except create confusion and anger.  In our cars we often see or are the victims of road rage. In public discussions people are often shouted down—or worse—simply for presenting an opposing view.

What has happened? Where is he art of compromise and the ability to be tolerant? What happened to simple human kindness?   Has the need to be right at all costs superseded common courtesy and thoughtfulness? When did forgiving someone who has made an error or has inconvenienced us in some way go out of style?

We are better than this.

Maybe it’s time for a nationwide timeout.  Maybe it’s time to remind one another that we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. That we can talk about the issues without talking about individuals.  Or have debates and opinions without destroying our relationships.

Our nation was forged on the ability to come together in the midst of opposing viewpoints.  We have endured a revolution, Civil War, depression, world wars, civil rights for all, and much more without the kind of hate and contempt we see too much of today.

I like the way mom used to say it: “You may not always be right, but you can always be kind.  And, when you’re kind, you’re never wrong.”

Mom is right. We all should listen to mom.