As many weather experts predicted, and as we warned in a previous blog a few months ago, El Nino arrived in a big way last week, bringing much needed rain to drought-stricken California.

The rains have been especially helpful in the Sierra Nevada mountains, creating a sizeable snowpack that will provide water during the dry summer months ahead. Locally, however, the rains could create issues with flooding and mudslides.

If you’re a homeowner, you may wish to check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if you are covered from damages due to water. You may not be covered in the event of a flood or mudslides.

Another type of insurance that you may wish to consider is earthquake insurance. Experts are saying that there is a high probability of a major shaker striking Southern California within the next three years. Homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage from earthquakes. Information is available at the State of California’s Department of Insurance website at to help you decide if it is right for you.

Finally, while you’re making sure your family is protected from the potential hazards of floods and earthquakes, it’s also wise to make sure they are taken care of when it comes to funerals. By making your funeral, cremation, and cemetery arrangements today, you can ensure that you’ll leave your loved ones with peace of mind tomorrow.

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