As we discussed in last week’s Reflections, more people are doing their shopping online than ever before. With the holiday season being the busiest shopping time of the year, there are more packages being delivered in a short period of time than at any other time of the year.

Unfortunately, some bad people know this and try to take advantage it by engaging in practices such as following delivery trucks, cruising neighborhoods and looking for packages to steal.

Not to worry. By taking a few simple steps, courtesy of FED Ex , you can ensure that your packages will arrive safety to your destination:

Track your deliveries – Most delivery service companies provide a tracking service option which allows you to receive email or text alerts on the status of your items.

Change your delivery address – If you know you won’t be home for a delivery, have it sent to a friend or relative’s home—or your workplace if it is allowed.

Leave delivery instructions – Let the delivery person know if they should leave the package behind a gate or at a back door location.  Many services allow you to do this online. You can even request a signature.

Pick up your items – Instead of having them delivered, have your items shipped directly to your local store or pick them up at the post office or Fed Ex/UPS/etc. office.

Request a hold on deliveries– The post office and most delivery services can put a hold on deliveries if you are away on vacation.