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5on Google,Mar 05, 2021

Samuel Campos

G O o D

5on Google,Mar 04, 2021


Alma was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Alma was able to answer any and all questions. We had a zoom chat with my sons to start the process. Later, we physically went to the cemetery and I informed her we were going and she was able to join us. That was a real plus for me. She is an exceptional rep for FL.

5on Google,Mar 04, 2021

Maria Leticia

Funeral plans was a topic that I always wanted to put in the back burner and not talk about it. This past year was a very challenging 2020, it halted all of our plans and made us feel vulnerable to change and peace of mind, to reflect in many things, like death, a reality that can come without expecting it. I was afraid of contacting a cemetery, simply because of the many bad experiences heard from family and friends. I realized I needed to make arrangements for my funeral and not leave my loved ones with an extra financial burden. I'm glad for mailing my response interest to find out more about these services. Forest Lawn representative was very helpful, knowledgeable, curteous, professional, and was detailed and sensible to my needs. She found me a deal that fit my pocket, but above all a dignified and beautiful place. Thank You to Forest Lawn and Angela Vega

5on Google,Mar 02, 2021


Nice view, very well maintained.

5on Google,Feb 27, 2021


Front desk staff was awesome, went to visit my Loved one, and loved the Glass BEAUTIFUL!

5on Google,Feb 27, 2021


I like to thank Mrs.Lala for her great service in our hard days. Thank u