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5on BirdEye,Jan 25, 2020


The service was great from the viewing down to bringing our mom to Holy Family Church and forth. Cindy Ayala you are a great person and so as your crew. We really appreciate your compassion and mastery of what you do. The grandchildren who were the pall bearers have nothing but great appreciation of the way you carried every task.Thank you fro the bottom of our hearts.

5on Google,Jan 24, 2020


Beautiful place for a final good bye to friends and love ones.

5on Google,Jan 23, 2020


Rest in pace Nipsey hussle

5on Trip Advisor,Jan 23, 2020


A memorable experience I visited this site mostly to see the huge painting "The Crucifixion" by the Polish artist Jan Styka. Being originally from Poland myself, I felt obliged to do so. The painting beats all expectations with its size (only slightly shorter than the fuselage of the 747), artistry, and the story behind it. I am somewhat surprised it is not much advertised and a bit hard to get to, one needs to be there on the hour for a 30 min presentation. The cemetery itself is of course impeccable but the history book I bought at the gift shop made me realize all the aspects of its development and efforts that went into decorating it with copies of artistic masterpieces from around the world, or, as it is in the case of Styka's work, with the enormous original picture. Time well spent.

5on Trip Advisor,Jan 21, 2020


so interesting - we watched several you tube videos (entitled famous grave tour - 3 parts) and downloaded a book from kindle before going to the cemetery. took both with us for walking around. staff here cannot assist you. they will give you a booklet that you can use with your phone that gives info re statutes museums chapel etc. but no grave locations. the place is so beautiful. rolling hills. immaculate. charming little chapel where many notables married. museums not to be missed. walked all afternoon finding famous as well as not so famous, 9/11 victims, families, funny epitaphs (one stone simply read: Hey God, thanks!) really enjoyed the history and reverence of this 300 acres.

5on Google,Jan 13, 2020


Great place. Lovely napkins and water. The area is a very great place to bury your loved ones. The security is pretty good. They also have a very nice reception for the viewings and burial.

5on Trip Advisor,Jan 13, 2020


Old school since 1906 Our family member Katsue is buried here and we stop by to visit two to three times a year. It's almost 3 weeks after Christmas and the cemetery is still allowing the holiday decorations to stay, usually they clean up quickly especially when the flowers dry out. I love walking around and finding the old late 1800's people that are buried here.

5on Google,Jan 06, 2020


Nice view from museum