Planning Ahead

Protect your family and your legacy by making funeral arrangements today.

Making arrangements for your own memorial services may sound like an unpleasant task but Forest Lawn is here to make it easy and empowering. Our Planning Advisors will walk you through the process, guide you through the many options, and help you make the decisions that are right for you, your family, and your finances. Ultimately, our goal is to make you feel secure about the future.

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One of our planning advisors or memorial counselors will help you understand the options.

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Relief in Trying Times

In addition to the painful decisions and overwhelming emotions, families coping with loss are also faced with stressful administrative tasks, from establishing who has the legal decision making power to finding required government documents. Planning ahead offers loved ones relief at a time it’s needed the most.

After a traumatic experience making arrangements for her mother, Patty is thankful for her father's planning.

Express Your Wishes

Families in mourning want nothing more than to respect the wishes of the person that has passed. With all the memorial decisions they face, it’s common for those left behind to worry they are making the wrong choices. Planning ahead gives your loved ones peace of mind, knowing that they are truly honoring your legacy.

A woman plans the perfect memorial as a final act of maternal love for the family she was leaving behind.

Ease the Financial Burden

End of life costs can be substantial and difficult to predict, but you can take control and manage future costs of property and services today. Planning ahead allows individuals and families to invest early and pay over time.

A family struggles with tough decisions and costs they aren’t ready for in the unexpected loss of a loved one.

What’s next?

The decision to plan ahead is deeply personal. Discuss with your loved ones and contact our Planning Advisors when you are ready to learn more. They will discuss the decisions and nuances of memorial planning. They will also help you prepare in advance for the legal and procedural requirements that can add a great deal of stress for families coping with the loss of a loved one.

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Our interactive arrangements tool can help give you a better idea of the pricing and options available through Forest Lawn.

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