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Forest Lawn truly is more than just a cemetery. Here are some feature stories about our history, our community events, our art—and more!

Filipino California: Art and the Filipino diaspora – 4/22/24


The Filipino Channel (TFC)
Filipino California: Art and the Filipino Diaspora – 3/27/24


Pasadena Weekly
Reina de Los Angeles’: Photographer celebrates Virgin of Guadalupe art – 10/10/23


New York Times
Why Can’t a Cemetery Have the Hottest Painting in Town? – 8/31/23


Wall Street Journal
‘Grand Views: The Immersive World of Panoramas’ Review: Painted Portals – 7/26/23


USA Today
Tips to keep in mind when planning a memorable funeral – 7/5/23


ET Online
Bob Barker’s Funeral Plans and Where He’ll be Laid to Rest Revealed – 8/26/23


Los Angeles Times
Column: Retired Judge Lance Ito’s weekly ritual — paying homage to his late wife – 8/19/23


USA Today
Why cremation is becoming a popular choice for loved ones – 6/1/23


Los Angeles Daily News
‘Field of Honor’ 1,000 flags is poignant tribute during Memorial Day week– 5/25/23
Glendale Sunrise Rotary Club and Forest Lawn-Glendale remember those who died in armed forces.


The Guardian
‘Visceral and powerful’: the everlasting appeal of giant art panoramas. 5/18/23


Glendale News Press
Forest Lawn Museum showcases ‘Grand Views’ exhibition – 5/17/23
The Forest Lawn Museum, in collaboration with the Velaslavasay Panorama, is proud to present “Grand Views: The Immersive World of Panoramas,” an exhibition that will be open to the public starting today, May 13, through Sept. 10.


Los Angeles Times
Feeling lost? L.A.’s labyrinths can help you return to center.– 5/4/23


USA Today
How planning ahead can protect your family’s future – 5/2/23


National Review
Forest Lawn in Glendale: Life, death and resurrection among palm trees and movie stars – 3/23