Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

At Forest Lawn, providing outstanding service is our top priority, and we’re glad to answer any question you may have. If you’d like more information or wish to make an appointment, please give us a call at (888) 204-3131 or visit our Contact Us page.

What is the cost of your services? (Before or At Need)

To see our complete pricing structure, view our Los Angeles/Orange County (English/Español) and Coachella Valley (English/Español) General Price Lists. The GPL and an overview of our prices are available in the Honest Pricing section of this website. If you need further assistance on pricing, please contact us at (888) 204-3131.

What is the (average) cost of a funeral? (At Need)

The average cost of a traditional funeral ceremony with burial will vary depending on your specific selections and personal preferences. To receive a quote of your specific preferences, please contact us at (888) 204-3131.

If you are comparing prices between mortuaries, we encourage you to compare specific items or “apples with apples” since some mortuaries may initially provide you with a low quote that may not include all of the services you will need. You may also want to consider quality, reputation, and overall satisfaction.

What is your price for cremation?

Please refer to the “Cremation” section in the Honest Pricing of this website for prices on our cremation services.

What type of payment plans do you have?

A payment plan may be available to you. Our payment plans are based on several factors including the type of arrangements, credit rating, the total amount of the contract and other considerations. Your Memorial Counselor will assist you with the payment options for your arrangements.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes.  We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

My relative is close to dying (in hospital, residence or nursing home). When the time comes, what do I do?

Contact us at (888) 204-3131. Our staff is available to receive your call 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. We will make arrangements to bring your loved one to Forest Lawn immediately. You may also want to give our 888-number to your loved one’s caretakers so that they can contact us at the time of your loved one’s passing.

Please let the caretakers know which Forest Lawn location you have selected. We have locations in Glendale, Hollywood Hills, Cypress, Covina Hills, Long Beach, Cathedral City, Indio and Coachella.  We also have Douglass & Zook in Monrovia.

Our staff will also set a time for you to meet with one of our Memorial Counselors to make arrangements. Please note that no arrangements are required in advance. We provide you with the option of making arrangements in advance or after death occurs.

We don’t have a lot of money. Does Forest Lawn offer any assistance or have a program for families who are low-income? (At Need)

Forest Lawn does not have a formal assistance program for low-income families. We make every effort to provide a wide variety of options at very affordable prices. You may, however, contact us to meet with one of our Memorial Counselors to discuss your special circumstances for further consideration.

We need to make arrangements for a baby. How much is a funeral for a baby?

Forest Lawn gives special consideration to families who have lost an infant or a child. We provide special prices for infants and children 12 and under. These prices vary, however, from one location to another. Please contact us at (888) 204-3131 to obtain the current infant/child prices at the Forest Lawn location you have selected.

How much are your cemetery plots? (Before Need and At Need)

Please refer to the “Memorial Property” section of this website for prices on cemetery property.  We also encourage you to contact us at (888) 204-3131 for further assistance.

Can I pre-pay for my funeral expenses now? Do you have a pre-payment plan? (We own the property already).

Yes. You may fund for your funeral arrangements by purchasing insurance. Simply contact us at (888) 204-3131, and we will have one of our representatives assist you in pre-planning your arrangements. Pre-planning can provide you with peace of mind and some protection from rising costs.

Representatives of Forest Lawn Mortuary (license 0D08477) are available to explain the Forest Lawn Plan funded through the purchase of whole life insurance from National Guardian Life Insurance Company, Madison, WI (NGL). Representatives of Forest Lawn may also be agents of National Guardian Life Insurance Company.

Why do I have to use a vault? Is it required by law?

California State law does not require a vault or outer burial container. However, many cemeteries require an outer burial container or vault to prevent the ground from collapsing.

Do you have a veterans section and what benefits are we entitled to? (Before Need and At Need)

Forest Lawn’s Hollywood Hills and Covina Hills locations have provided cemetery property to veterans and their spouses in the past. Currently, however, we do not have cemetery property available in our veteran’s sections.

Most members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans whose discharge from military service was honorable are eligible for burial in national cemeteries. This benefit also extends to a Veteran’s spouse. Veterans are also entitled to a government-provided memorial tablet. Your Memorial Counselor can assist you in making arrangements for a Veteran.

Does Forest Lawn have a Jewish section? Muslim section? Catholic section?

Forest Lawn offers Jewish sections in both our Long Beach and Cathedral City locations. Forest Lawn welcomes all faiths and religions. Your Memorial Counselor can assist you in arranging a funeral ceremony that honors your affiliation. Likewise, we will also assist you in arranging a ceremony that is right for you – regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation.

Our commitment is to provide you with quality services that are right for you – regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation.

We have a family member buried there. Can we just open that space and put this person’s cremated remains at the foot of that grave?

Forest Lawn’s memorial parks have sections that can accommodate two persons for interment in a “companion lawn crypt” or a “companion interment space” regardless of whether the remains are cremated or not.

Two persons, however, cannot be placed in a regular interment space designed to accommodate only one person, even if the second remains were cremated. Please contact us at (888) 204-3131 if you would like to confirm the capacity of your cemetery property.

Can cremated remains be placed in ground property?

Yes, cremated remains may be placed in a regular ground interment space inside a cremation vault.

My relative is interred there and we need a memorial tablet. How much are they?

The price of a Memorial Tablet will depend on the type of cemetery property. Please contact us at (888) 204-3131 for the current price of a Memorial Tablet for your specific cemetery property.

Do you scatter in the ground? (Or do you have a scattering garden?)

Forest Lawn does not currently have “scattering gardens” and prohibits the scattering of cremated remains on our premises, other than in ground burial property purchased from Forest Lawn.

Does Forest Lawn allow granite or marble memorial tablets?

Most Forest Lawn locations require bronze tablets. Forest Lawn’s Cathedral City location provides granite tablets. There are exceptions to these requirements at some locations. Please contact us at (888) 204-3131 to order a Memorial Tablet and to obtain the specifications for your location.

Can I get a memorial tablet somewhere else?

Yes, but it must meet Forest Lawn’s specifications. Please contact us at (888) 204-3131 to obtain the required specifications for a memorial tablet on your interment property. Your tablet company will need to deliver the Memorial Tablet to Forest Lawn.

How long before the memorial tablet is placed?

It takes approximately 6-10 weeks after the final approval has been received, the placement fee paid, and manufacturing is completed before a Memorial Tablet is placed. Special emblems, designs, and sketches may take longer. A temporary tablet may be placed for up to 90 days and then replaced once your permanent Memorial Tablet is ready.

What is the setting fee for a memorial tablet?

The setting fee of a Memorial Tablet will depend on the type of cemetery property and whether the current inscription is for a second identification. Please contact us at (888) 204-3131 for the current setting fee for your order.

How can I make arrangements for my spouse and myself beforehand?

Simply contact us at (888) 204-3131. Our staff will make arrangements for you to meet with one of our representatives to pre-plan your arrangements.

Our relative passed away and we want to send him/her to another state or country. Do you do that? How much does it cost? How do we arrange it?

Forest Lawn can make arrangements to ship your loved one anywhere in the United States, as well as to most other countries.

For an international transfer out, your Memorial Counselor and our experienced staff will make all of the necessary arrangements for transfer. We will process all of the necessary documentation required by the Consulate of your specific country.

The cost of shipping will vary depending on the destination, Consulate, and airline requirements. Please contact us at (888) 204-3131 for further information on your specific shipping needs.

Our relative owns property at one of your parks, but lives in another state. How do we get them to you for burial?

If you will not be having any memorial services in another state, Forest Lawn can simplify the process for you by making all of the transportation arrangements for the transfer of your loved one from another state to Forest Lawn for funeral services and burial.

You only need to make all of your arrangements with Forest Lawn, not a second party or another mortuary. Simply contact us at (888) 204-3131, and we will arrange to have your loved one transferred to Forest Lawn for burial. We will arrange for you to meet with one of our Memorial Counselors either by phone or in-person to make the arrangements.

If you will be having church or memorial services outside of California in your state, you will need to contact a local funeral home to provide you with the mortuary services that you will need. Your funeral home will then make arrangements to ship your loved one to Forest Lawn.

I’m a former employee and need retirement information. 

Please contact Diane Danton via email at ddanton@forestlawn.com or by calling 323-340-4558.

I’d like to receive information about your services.

Please refer to the “Contact Us” section of this website (found under “About” at the top). We will send you a package of the information you request. You may also contact us any time at (888) 204-3131.