Hollywood Hills

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Welcome to Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills.

Located close to Griffith Park, this idyllic landscape showcases a unique collection of American artwork, with larger-than-life statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.

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Forest Lawn — Hollywood Hills has some of the most spectacular scenery in Los Angeles, with stunning vistas of the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles skyline.


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Forest Lawn has some of the most affordable cemetery property and services in Southern California.


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This location has the Hall of Liberty, which seats over 1000; the Faith Chapel, which seats 50; the Liberty Chapel, which seats 120; the Church of the Hills, which seats 150 inside and another 50 outside; and the Old North Church, which seats 185 inside and another 50 outside.
HH OldNorth Hollywood Hills -36

Old North Church

HH ChurchofHills FL Hollywood Hills -21

Church of the Hills

HH FaithChapel

Faith Chapel

HH LibertyChap IMG_7192

Liberty Chapel

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Hall of Liberty