We have talked about the importance of planning ahead in a previous Reflections blog. Pre-planning is something that Forest Lawn believes in quite strongly and something we highly recommend.

When someone passes away, there are dozens of decisions and actions that must be made, some right away. In the midst of grief, it is often difficult to make decisions with complete clarity and without  stress. This is the main reason why we encourage pre-planning for funerals.

In addition to planning ahead, it is also helpful to deal with a funeral organization that has all the elements necessary for a final tribute in one place. At Forest Lawn, everything needed for a funeral —mortuary, cemetery, cremations, chapel and flower shop—is in one convenient location. It removes the added stress and pressure from having to make separate connections with different facilities  in different locations, often at greater expense.

Since 1933, when Forest Lawn opened the first mortuary within cemetery grounds, just steps away from a church and flower shop,  the “everything in one place” concept has made arranging and hosting funerals as convenient as possible.

Everything in one place. It’s something to keep in mind when you’re choosing  funeral organization.

If you have any questions about pre-planning a funeral, or what advantages there are when everything for the final tribute is in one locations, call us at 1-800-204-3131 or visit us online here to get your free information kit.