Sunday, October 2. Put a star on this day on your calendar. Make plans to block off 1:10 pm and tune into KTLA Channel 5 to listen to, for the last time, the greatest baseball announcer to ever sit behind a microphone.

After 67 amazing years, Vin Scully is calling it a career. And what a career it has been.

Vin has been the voice behind some of the biggest moments, not only in Dodger history, but in the game of baseball itself. He gave us “swung on and missed, a perfect game!” when Sandy Koufax dazzled the Chicago Cubs in 1965.  His “she is gone!” line after Kirk Gibson hit an improbable game winning two-run homer on a bad leg in the bottom of the ninth is forever part of Dodger lore. On the national stage, it was Vin who reported the infamous (for Red Sox fans) “It gets by Buckner” in the 1986 World Series, and when Hank Aaron hit his 715th homer passing Babe Ruth in 1974, Vin described it perfectly: “What a marvelous moment!”

When members of the Dodger family Roy Campanella, John Roseboro and Don Drysdale passed away, it was Vin who offered words of comfort and told stories of their greatness at their memorial services at Forest Lawn. “The tragedy of life is in what dies inside a man while he lives,” Vin said of Drysdale, his broadcasting partner, at the service. “There was only life in Don–genuine feeling, inspired response and an awareness to feel the pain and glory in others and in himself.”

67 years of broadcasting excellence are coming to a conclusion this Sunday. If you would like to let Vin know how much you’ve enjoyed his work over the years, you can be part of a massive love letter to Vin.  Leave your thoughts on the Los Angeles Times website. Here’s the link:

Happy retirement, Vin Scully!