It’s a brand new year, which for many of us, means a whole new set of New Year’s resolutions for us to strive for.

So, what are your resolutions for 2016? Do you want to save for retirement? Get healthy? Go back to school? Take a trip?

No matter what your resolutions are, you can be successful if you have a plan and stick to it. Success always starts with a plan.

If you’ve resolved to start saving for retirement, sign up today for automatic payroll deductions with your company’s retirement plan, or start your own IRA. A financial advisor may be someone worth talking to.

Want to get healthy and perhaps lose weight? Download one of the many free smart phone apps such as My Fitness Pal, or join a gym or a weight loss group for extra accountability.

How about that dream vacation? Where is it you want to go? What will it take in time and resources to make it a reality? Come up with a plan to make it happen and the chances are very great that it will.

One resolution that you can take care of quickly and easily is to protect the ones you love by pre-planning your family memorial. By meeting with a Forest Lawn representative, you can take care of this important matter and give yourself and your family the peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of. If you’d like to have more information about pre-planning, please feel free to call us at 1-800-2-FOREST and we will answer any questions you may have.