Summer is here!  Backyard barbeques, swimming pools, trips to the beach, fireworks, outdoor activities and much more are all part of our annual rituals of the season. While these activities bring us much enjoyment and help us build wonderful memories, there are some potential hazards that summer may bring.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you enjoy a fun-filled, worry-free summer:

  1.  Never leave children or pets in a car unattended. The sun’s rays are stronger in the summer and it doesn’t take long for a car to heat up. While the outdoor temperature may be 70 degrees, the inside of a car can reach 89 in just 10 minutes and 104 in just 30 minutes. When it’s as hot as 95 outside, the interior of a car can get as high as 129 degrees!
  2. Be water-wise. Whether playing in a backyard pool or at the beach, make sure that young children and non swimmers are always under supervision and wearing appropriate life-saving attire such as life jackets and floaties. Never swim alone. Gates around pools should be locked when not in use.  Also, remove all pool toys from the pool area when people aren’t swimming.
  3. Keep an eye out for snakes. Snakes are more active in summer. When hiking, keep an eye are ear out for a rattler’s warning. Do not let children play in wood piles or heavy grassy areas where snakes like to hang out.
  4. Gear up when biking. Bicycling is a popular family activity. Make sure that all riders wear properly fitting helmets and that the bikes are in good mechanical operation. Nothing can spoil a bike ride like a broken chain, flat tire or faulty brakes.

Here’s to a happy and safe summer!