Music plays a significant role in most funeral services. Favorite and meaningful songs at celebrations of life reflect the values, interests, and personalities of those who are being honored and remembered.


One song, in particular, has been played at military funeral ceremonies for over one hundred years. It’s a song that comprises of only four different notes and 24 total but evokes deep emotions when played. Almost exclusively performed on a bugle, its melody is both eloquent and haunting.


The song is Taps and it has been associated with the United States military since at least 1891, when it was listed in the U.S. Army’s Infantry Drill Regulations. However, its use dates back to the 1860s when it was used at a funeral in Virginia during the Civil War. Union Captain John C. Tidball ordered it to be played for the burial of a soldier who was killed in battle. With the Confederate army close by, Tidball was concerned that the traditional three-volley salute with rifles would renew fighting.


Taps will be part of the Memorial Day Ceremony Monday, May 30. This year’s ceremony will be held virtually on our Facebook page, We invite you to join us as we honor and remember those who gave their lives for all of us.