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Whether you’re planning for cemetery property, funeral, burial, or cremation for yourself or a loved one, knowing your loved ones are well protected will provide peace of mind.



How do you select the right cemetery property?

What are the advantages of pre-planning?

Considering Cremation?

Much like life insurance, a college fund, or even retirement plans, it’s another way you can protect your family’s future.


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  • For over a hundred years, we have been a leader in the funeral industry.
  • We set the highest standards for funeral, cremation, and cemetery services at some of the lowest prices.
  • We’re dedicated to serving families of all faiths, cultures, and languages and respect the nuances of each, always taking care to be as respectful and authentic as possible.
  • We have people who can help you in any language you’re comfortable with, for example, Spanish, Armenian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino and several more.
  • Every life deserves to be remembered––we promise to comfort you during times of sorrow, treat you with the utmost respect and dignity, and we promise to exceed your expectations in everything that we do.


  • Your family and loved ones will feel confident they are honoring your final wishes.
  • May reduce disagreements among family, plus make it more personal to you and your story.
  • The service would be a proper reflection and tribute to a beautiful life and a lasting legacy.
  • The products and services you select at the time of pre-planning will be guaranteed at the time of your passing. This will take care of most of the expenses associated with your funeral.
  • Planning ahead helps reduce stress during an already very emotional and grief-stricken time for your loved ones. Because you’re able to think much more clearly, important decisions are given more time for proper consideration during a pre-need appointment.
  • Without a pre-need plan, your family will be burdened with over a hundred decisions to make within the first 48 hours of a death at a time when they’re already grief-stricken.
  • Planning ahead also allows you to share your final wishes, helping protect your family from additional stress. They will find comfort in knowing that they are honoring your memory in a way that is meaningful to you.


Depending on your budget, we provide different types of packages to choose from. Some packages might include:

  • Graveside service
  • Casket
  • Service at church or chapel
  • Embalming
  • Visitation
  • Memory folders
  • Floral tribute
  • Care and preparation
  • Transportation
  • Cemetery services like burial
  • Tablet (can be personalized)


  • We have six different cemetery locations, each with its own distinct personality.
  • Beautiful churches, patriotic courtyards, gardens, vistas, and more.
  • We have seven mausoleums with beautiful statuaries and stained glass.
  • We have a variety of memorial properties to choose from. Beautiful final resting places your loved ones would want to visit again and again:
    • – ground, crypt, family spaces
    • – beautifully-landscaped single or double cemetery properties
    • – private, semi-private gardens, walled courtyards
    • – a wide selection of cremation properties, like indoor or outdoor, wall or in-ground, granite or glass-front niches, as well as outdoor gardens with rock niches and tree bases.
  • We set the highest standards for funeral, cemetery, burial and cremation services at some of the lowest prices.