It’s now official: both major political parties have held their conventions, nominated their candidates for the office of President, and the 2016 campaign is on.  All the polls are pointing to a closely contested election for our 45th president.

It wasn’t a close election at all when the nation selected our first President. In 1789, the Electoral College voted unanimously  for Revolutionary War general George Washington to take the highest office in the land.

Known as “The Father of our Country,” Washington is well-represented in art at Forest Lawn. Perhaps the most notable piece is the imposing bronze statue in the Court of Freedom at Forest Lawn—Glendale.

It is the work of noted sculptor John Quincy Adams Ward. Ward made two castings from his mold: one which stands in front of the Sub-treasury Building in New York City where Washington took his oath of office, and a second statue which was originally commissioned by Congress  for the Capitol, but through an oversight, no appropriation was made for the work. Forest Lawn was then able to obtain this distinguished bronze.

It is considered to be the greatest sculptural likeness of Washington ever made.

We invite you to stop by the Court of Freedom to see this impressive work, as well as all the great art on display at Forest Lawn-Glendale.