Bloomberg Connects: Forest Lawn Museum Art Guide

Forest Lawn Museum is excited to announce our new free digital art guide, which is now available through the Bloomberg Connects app. The guide features an in-depth look at the artworks in our collection, archival photographs, informative descriptions, and more!


Forest Lawn Museum joins hundreds of cultural institutions around the globe on the Bloomberg Connects app.


Bloomberg Connects is the free arts and culture app created by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The app makes Forest Lawn Museum’s art collection accessible for either onsite or offsite visits through interactive map features, high-quality photographs, and audio and video components. This exclusive content offers insights into Forest Lawn’s history and our unique art collection.


With this new digital guide you can plan your visit, spend time exploring the park through the app, experience self-guided tours featuring exclusive commentary from the Museum Director, learn more about select works from Forest Lawn Museum’s permanent collection, the Hall of Crucifixion-Resurrection, the Great Mausoleum, and many other artworks throughout our Glendale location.


Accessing the App
The Bloomberg Connects app is available for download from Google Play or the App Store.

Click here to download the Bloomberg Connects app on your mobile or tablet.

Once downloaded, search for “Forest Lawn Museum.”





Bloomberg Connects
Bloomberg Connects offers free digital guides to cultural organizations around the world. The app platform is part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ longstanding commitment to supporting digital innovation in the arts. Bloomberg Connects makes it easy to access and engage with arts and culture from mobile devices when visiting in person, or anytime from anywhere. With dynamic content exclusive to each partner organization, the app provides a range of features including video, audio, and text; expert commentary; and way-finding maps.


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