About two months after his transformation on December 14th, 2014, Jeffrey appeared in a vivid dream I had during the early morning of February 7th that came in two parts. I have never had a dream with my kids in the dream, at least that I can remember. Never. He was now 14 to 20 years old, a couple inches taller than me, handsome, robust, and scar free. In my dream I had traveled down to a remote beach to visit my brother, Dave, who is an avid windsurfer.   The color of the ocean and sky were variations of pastel blue that I’ve never seen before in a dream or life, except maybe in a Van Gogh painting. Down by the shore break, at eye level, Jeffrey came bounding towards me on the top of a wave riding a bodyboard that then crashed on the sand, sending Jeffrey sliding towards me. He got out of the water and quietly and confidently walked towards me. Then the dog walked into the room and whined, waking me up, so I would let him outside. This was part one of a dream that I will always treasure. He is healed now, so he had a great outcome after all. I need not keep telling myself this since I truly believe that this dream was much more than a dream. Rather, it was a message directly from him, allowed by our creator.

I went back to sleep after opening the door for the dog and dreamed again of seeing Jeffrey. After not finding him at the beach (like no other I’ve seen before), I took a trolley car through the streets of a coastal town, and got off at the town’s center. I had just the right fare in my pocket. We came upon each other just outside of a restaurant that was located by the sea. I again looked upon his healed body as he was standing next to friends, and I KNEW that he was more than just alright. As I was waking up, laying in bed with my eyes closed, I actually felt decompression in my spine as though a huge weight, like when I would carry Jeffrey, was lifted off my shoulders. This was all further confirmation that we had communicated with one another. He is very happy in Heaven, and I am very happy for him.

I really hope that none of us are forgotten in the shadows of grief, especially our other children, Jeffrey’s friends, nor ourselves! Living life on this hard path has helped me change my perspective, and I now believe that the spiritual world encompasses 99.9% of all activity in the universe(s). Love is the only thing that we need to learn how to give and receive on this planet, and we can then move on to the higher dimensions. We need to unlearn selfishness, fear, want, envy, materialism, and pride.

Who needs to search for the end of the rainbow when it starts and ends at your own heart. Jeffrey, I never fail to notice the miracles you and the Holy Spirit perform in and outside our home. You truly are a Jedi Angel with the ability to draw remarkable powers from our Creator. Sometimes pictures tell a thousand words.

Love you, son.