The signs are all around us that fall is here. The days are getting shorter. The nights are cooler. Leaves are starting to change color. And the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the playoffs!

Indeed it is an exciting time for Dodgers fans with the playoffs around the corner and a possible World Series title hanging in the balance.

For the second consecutive year, Forest Lawn has been a proud sponsor of the Dodgers. Perhaps you’ve seen the Forest Lawn name on the electronic signage at the ball park, or heard some of our radio commercials featuring Dodger legend Fernando Valenzuela.

Partnering with the Dodgers has really been a natural fit for both organizations. Consider the following:

Both the Dodgers and Forest Lawn are Los Angeles Institutions.
The Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to LA in 1958, while Forest Lawn has been serving Southern California families since 1906.  Most of us have not known Southern California without these two organizations being a part of the culture.

Both the Dodgers and Forest Lawn are leaders in their field.
The Dodgers have appeared in 18 World Series, winning 6, which ranks them fifth amongst all teams for most wins. Forest Lawn has been a pioneer in funeral service, serving hundreds of thousands of families, creating the memorial park concept and being the first to offer everything—mortuary, cremation, cemetery, flowers and chapel in one location.

Both the Dodgers and  Forest Lawn are accessible to everyone.
Going to a Dodger game is something that everyone can afford. They offer everything from $20 top deck to $37 all-you-can-eat bleacher seats to higher priced luxury suites. Likewise, Forest Lawn provides memorial property and services to meet all levels of income and preferences. It is something we have taken great pride in over our century of service.

We invite you to join us in rooting for the Dodgers as they pursue the coveted World Series trophy for 2015. Make plans now to take your family and friends to a ball game in the near future for a great Southern California experience. If you would like to know more about affordable options at Forest Lawn, give us a call at 1-800-Forest and we’ll be glad to assist you.