Sharing memories at a memorial service is an important part of the funeral ceremony. It allows friends and family to fondly recall the significant moments, contributions and stories of a loved one.

Sharing memories also has a healing affect during the grief process.

After the funeral service is over, it’s also important to keep your memories alive,  not just for you but for generations to come: Here are some simply ways to do so (courtesy of

  1. Display photographs where you can see them often, and use them as a way to share a story with other family members and friends.
  2. Prepare and integrate family recipes into your daily life and holidays and let everyone know their history.
  3. Share copies of your loved one’s recipes.
  4. Use a family heirloom, such as a serving piece, at holiday time, reminding your family of its history and all the occasions it’s served.
  5. Pass on family heirlooms to family members that will use and treasure both the item and the memory.
  6. Tell stories and tell them often. Your personal stories will become part of your family’s history.
  7. Copy documents and share them with other family members to preserve and cherish your loved ones.
  8. Document personal history and memories, creating a written story to be passed down to generations to come.
  9. Visit your family memorial on significant occasions such as Mother’s or Father’s Day, the holidays or birthdays. Share stories and recall the wonderful memories of a life well lived.


*Portions of this blog are from an article written by Robbie Miller Kaplan for LegacyConnect, Legacy’s grief support center. It was originally published on April 18, 2010.