Throughout the courses of our lives, we will make some very substantial purchases. Homes, cars, college educations and dozens of big ticket items. Most people take the time to compare prices and quality, try out different options, ask questions and make the best decisions based on their research.

But what about funerals?  They, too, are one of life’s most substantial purchases, and it makes great sense emotionally and financially to do some comparison shopping.

The best thing to do is to plan ahead before time of need. When you are not under the pressure of an immediate death and have to make many decisions in a short window of time, you have the opportunity to do your homework and make smart decisions.

Planning ahead allows you to compare prices and services. No two funeral establishments are the same. Visit the locations and talk to the representatives to get a first hand look and feel of the location.

Make sure to ask for a price list. All funeral homes are required to provide a General Price List.  You can view Forest Lawn’s price list by clicking this link.

By planning ahead and comparing prices and services, you will reduce the chances of emotional overspending at time of need. You will have the time to carefully think about what kind of funeral and memorial property suits your needs, tastes and budget. It also gives you the time and opportunity to look into the available options to finance the funeral, including insurance and payment plans.

Our counselors are available to provide you with the information you need an answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 1-800-2-Forest.