One of the first assignments given to many journalism students is one that seems quite unusual: write your own obituary.  It’s actually a great exercise in writing, as you must compile, arrange and present  the highlights of your life in a concise manner so that the reader will really be able to get to know you.

Today, it’s becoming more common for people to write their own obituaries.  Whether they are just jotting down a few general thoughts or writing a complete story of their lives, it is perhaps the best way for an individual to ensure how they will be remembered. It also provides the opportunity for someone to truly reflect on their life and recall their highlights over the years.

Also, a self-written obit gives the reader an inside look at the real personality of the writer, and allows friends and family to remember a loved one in rich detail.

Much like purchasing memorial property and funeral plans, writing an obituary can be done in advance. It is something to consider.  A free obituary writing tool is available at