Love. Ah, yes, that four letter word that has been the subject of countless songs, books, poems and movies. It is the central message of the great faiths of the world. Psychology Today calls love a force of nature and that it’s bigger than we are.

Who can argue with that?

A great case can be made for calling February the month of love. On Valentine’s Day alone, more than 1 billion cards will be exchanged and $1 billion worth of chocolate will be purchased.  189 million stems of roses will be sold and about 220,000 marriage proposals will take place.

Aside from giving flowers, chocolates and jewelry on Valentine’s Day, love is expressed and shared throughout the year in many different ways. It’s shown in we treat each other though kind words and actions. It’s how we care and provide for our loved ones—and protect them to the best of our ability through sound financial and estate planning. It’s a combination of little and big things

French writer Strendhal wrote, “Love has always been the most important business in my life; I should say the only one.”

Good advice for Valentine’s Day and the other 364 days of the year.