A truly good idea is a truly good thing. The world is full of stories of good ideas that have made life better, safer and more enjoyable. The invention of the wheel, for instance, set the stage for the development of civilization and technology. The thought of harnessing energy and putting it to use gave us the Industrial Revolution. And concept of connecting a is a network of computers that crisscross public, private, government, business and academic systems linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optics has given us our beloved Internet.

But not all ideas have such glorious endings. Take for example the candy company who, in 1926, dropped foil-wrapped chocolates on the city’s residents to advertise their product. Unfortunately, the police were called into to put a stop after they received numerous complaints of people being injured by falling chocolates.

Then in 1976, a group of airlines decided to attract more fliers by offering free unlimited cocktails to passengers.  Not only were the passengers getting tanked; so were the airlines’ profits.

And maybe the most famous bad idea in history, the Edsel automobile. The Edsel was doomed from the start. After spending a whopping $400 million to develop and market it, the car was only produced by Ford for three years before they pulled the  plug. For a myriad of reasons ranging from price, looks and reliability, it was a total business disaster.

Those are just a few examples well intentioned good ideas that don’t always work as intended. Well, here’s one well-intentioned good idea that does work: pre-planning.  Pre-planning is not only a good idea, but it works. When you take care of your funeral and memorial needs ahead of time, you take that responsibility and the emotional stress that comes when plans have not been made. It brings peace of mind now and a lessened burden at time of need.

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