There is no question that cremations are increasingly the choice of final disposition by more and more people. The National Funeral Directors Association has reported that the choice of cremation has been increasing for decades in the United States, from fewer than four percent of memorial services in 1960 to approximately 41 percent in 2010.  That number was forecasted to reach 53.5 percent in 2018, and by 2035, it’s estimated that cremations will be selected in 78.8 percent of all services.

Despite its growing popularity, there are still some common myths associated with cremation. Here are two of the most frequent misconceptions we have encountered:

Myth 1: If you choose cremation, you can’t have a traditional funeral or a viewing.
At Forest Lawn, you have great flexibility with cremations. Each one is different, yet each comes with personalized service that brings family and friends together for a final and healing goodbye. Forest Lawn offers a funeral cremation package that is centered around a funeral ceremony before the cremation of the body. It includes a full day visitation, complete cremation services, a Forest Lawn church or chapel ceremony, choice of urns and flowers, and a package discount.

Myth 2: With cremation, your burial options are very limited.
Cremation can be arranged with or without memorial property, a traditional service, viewing, or graveside service.  The fact is there are more interment options available for cremations than traditional burial. Ground property, indoor/outdoor wall niches, cremation gardens, columbaria and distinguished memorials are all choices that are available.

Is cremation for you?  To learn more about cremation options at Forest Lawn, give us a call 1-888-204-3131 and one of our caring representatives can discuss the details with you.