Stop by any of the big car shows around Southern California and you’re sure to see tricked up versions of ’55 Chevys, Corvette Sting Rays, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Chargers, Pontiac Firebirds, and many other popular classic cars. But lately, there’s a vehicle that’s been turning heads and drawing crowds since it arrived on the scene. 

That vehicle is Forest Lawn’s 1965 Cadillac Silver Sport funeral coach.

The idea of having a vehicle to display at local classic car shows stemmed from the desire to connect Forest Lawn with Baby Boomers and their love of nostalgia. Classic cars were a great fit.

After some extensive research, Forest Lawn found a ’65 Classic Cadillac Silver Spirit that had been owned by a Riverside-area mortuary. Over two years of meticulous and painstaking restoration, where no detail was left unattended, created a stunningly beautiful coach.

Today, the Silver Spirit is exclusively a show car, although it was used once in a funeral service at Hollywood Hills for custom car legend George Barris, perhaps best known for creating the Batmobile.

So, if you haven’t seen the Silver Sport on display yet, you can check it out at these upcoming car shows: City of Glendale Cruise Night, 7/20; Cypress Community Festival, 7/27; Monrovia Car Show, 9/7; Long Beach Belmont Shore Car Show, 9/8; Duarte Route 66 Parade/Car Show, date TBA; and Covina Thunderfest & Music Festival, date TBA.

Since the debut of the Silver Spirit, Forest Lawn has acquired four additional classic coaches to offer to families as part of their memorial service options.  They have become very popular and are increasingly used in service processions. To learn more about these classic coaches and how they may be a part of a final tribute, please call 888-204-3131.