Diamonds are one of the world’s most popular and precious gemstones. It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and jewelry advertisers are quick to remind us that “diamonds are forever.” They have been the centerpieces of wedding and engagement rings, as well as anniversary jewelry for decades.

However, there’s also an old saying about this precious stone that isn’t as romantically inclined: “No pressure, no diamonds.” This statement comes from the reality that natural diamonds are formed when carbon is set under extreme pressure deep inside the earth. These conditions occur in limited areas about 90 miles below the surface where the temperatures are at least 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Without heat or pressure, this carbon remains as it is, or perhaps turns into graphite.

Who would think that the combination of such heat and pressure would produce such beautiful results?

Our lives are sometimes like diamonds. We face all kinds of pressures in day to day living. We have to financially support our families. We sometimes face major illnesses, or have to make tough decisions under extreme pressure. When we lose a loved one, the crushing weight and pain of grief can be overwhelming.

In reality, the trials and tribulations of this life can help us personally grow in the long run. Even though no one wants to endure hardship, there are many lessons to learn when we overcome obstacles and tough times.

With perseverance, faith and the loving support of our friends and families, we, like those carbon deposits deep in the earth, can become life’s living diamonds.