Do you have a favorite food—be it a main dish or dessert—that you only enjoy around a certain holiday or special occasion?

There’s one such culinary treat that will be enjoyed by millions over the next few days, and that is pan de muerto. Pan de muerto or “bread of the dead” is a Mexican bread that is made for and served at Dia de Las Muertos (Day of the Dead) events, held between October 31 and November 2.

It is a sweet soft, bun shaped bread that usually is decorated with bones or skulls and topped with sugar.  In keeping with the holiday, it is often flavored with orange flower water or orange zest and anise seeds. Pan de muerto is eaten on Día de Muertos, with other foods that the deceased relatives enjoyed.

There is sure to be plenty of pan de muerto and much more for our guests and visitors at the upcoming Dia de Las Muertos events at Forest Lawn. We invite you to join us at one of these colorful and memorable ceremonies with roots and traditions that date back centuries. For dates and locations, click here:  (link to events page)