“No Man is an Island Entire of Itself.” – John Donne

We’ve all heard that phrase, “no man (or woman) is an island,” right?  Sure, many of us may be introverted or enjoy solitary moments, but most of us are surrounded by friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, teammates, organization members, fellow parishioners, or the community at large. The truth is, most of what we do in life, we don’t or even can’t do alone.

In many cases, there are things we are better off not doing alone. Grieving is one of them.

Without question, those who are grieving must walk their own grief journey and the process might feel one of isolation. But in reality, you are not alone. Your journey is personal, but your community around you is ready to provide support and care as needed.

During your grieving process, know that you have many people who care and who are willing to be there for you. This includes your family, friends, church/synagogue/temple relationships, counselors, support groups, teachers, co-workers and neighbors. Forest Lawn also offers several grief resources on our website, www.ForestLawn.com.

You are not an island. During your time of need, remember to embrace those around you who will lend a hand, an ear, or a shoulder.