For most of us, there are some conversations in life that are, well, let’s say, less than comfortable. Maybe it’s the proverbial “birds and the bees” talk with our children. Perhaps we need to confront a family member or friend who is engaging in a self-destructing behavior. Maybe you have a co-worker or employee who needs to be confronted about behavior or personal hygiene issues which are affecting others.

One of life’s tough conversations has to do with death. We find it difficult to talk to our loved ones about what will happen when we or they pass away. In some ways, it shouldn’t be a difficult conversation because it is a part of life. Yet we often postpone or fail to have this important conversation, and by doing so it may can create emotional and logistical hardships on the people we love most.

There are many reasons why people may avoid talking about their funeral and estate plans and what to do when they pass away. Perhaps they may not feel adequately prepared to talk about. It may be uncomfortable for them to face their own immortality. Maybe they don’t want to upset their loved ones or start a big family feud.

Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that avoiding the conversation doesn’t make it go away. Each of us is going to leave this world and things will have to be taken care of when we do.  There may be a will or estate to deal with. A funeral or memorial service will be held and memorial property will be purchased.  It these things are not taken care ahead of time, it may add greatly to the turmoil a family faces at a sad and stressful time.

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