This year, the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony will be held on Feb.9—the first time in more than a decade that is hasn’t been held in late February. Awards will be presented in 24 categories which include the highly coveted Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Picture.

Also known as the Oscars, the nominations were announced on Jan. 13 (for a list click here: and feature some of the best on screen performances, direction and technical achievements of 2019.

Many people will host their own Oscar parties and dress up for the occasion. Others will make it a point to see all the top nominated films before the awards ceremony. It’s certainly a good excuse to give yourself a break from your routine or the stresses of life.

That includes the stress of grief. Perhaps you’ve just lost someone and you don’t really feel like having fun. It doesn’t seem right. Maybe a movie is just what you need. Sit down in one of those new, comfortable movie theater seats. Grab some popcorn, a soda, some candy and check out 120 minutes of entertainment. If you need a laugh, watch a comedy. Feel like a good cry would help? Find a tear jerker. Maybe you need something full of adventure and excitement. Whatever you choose, take the time to sit in the darkness of a theater, soak in the experience of the show, and give yourself the break you need.

You’ll appreciate it.