Let’ s face it: the Safer at Home mandate is something we’re really not used to. It’s probably safe to say that few of us like it. Yet it’s something we’re faced with as we battle the invisible enemy known as COVID-19 (coronavirus).


However, during this crisis we need to do things to keep us mentally and physically stimulated. One activity that will get you thinking and get you outdoors is gardening. Starting a vegetable garden is a great activity that can give you a chance to get outdoors while also providing fresh food for your table. It’s also has great therapeutic value during the grief process.


Depending on how much available property you have will determine what kind of garden you can have. If you have a lot of room, you can create a garden in your backyard. That may be more work than you’d like to handle.


An easier and more fun way to create a vegetable garden is to use large containers. You can get 15-gallon containers at a nursery or use something like a wheelbarrow or raised bed for your crops. These make it easy for you to do your gardening on your patio. You will be able to move your plants in and out of the sun as needed, and watering is easier.


What should you plant? Well, what do you like? Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and cucumbers will make a great salad. They’re easy to grow, too. Peppers, herbs, and onions are also simple and rewarding.


One thing you’ll have to watch if you garden in a container is water and fertilizer management. Within a confined space, it is easy to over water or over fertilize. To check and see if your garden needs water, simply stick your finger into the soil. It it’s moist, you don’t need to add water.


Good luck with your garden. Enjoy the time outdoors and the fruits, or vegetables, of your labor!