With spring upon us, no matter where we look, we see the colors and often smell the fragrances of the many flowers and blooming plants that are part of our homes, yards, parks, and neighborhoods. It’s hard not to smile or have pleasant thoughts when we are immersed in the beauty that flowers provide.


That’s why for so many occasions, be they formal holidays, events or just a simple way to show affection and care, flowers play an important part in our lives. Here at Forest Lawn, they are often an integral part of funeral services, as they are sent by friends and family as a visual expression of love, sympathy, and respect.


In funerals services, flowers create a background of warmth and beauty which adds to dignity and consolation. They symbolize not only love and sympathy, but also of eternity and immortality. The life of flowers is fleeting and attests to the transitory life of humanity. Yet, they do not wither and die in the minds of the bereaved. Beautiful floral tributes are remembered time and again as indelible memories of an outpouring of love and support. Most bereaved families opt to take flowers and plants home with them after the service for pressing and keepsakes.


With this in mind, the Forest Lawn Flower Shops have offered the highest quality flowers since 1933. Whether it is for a funeral, a memorial placement, or a holiday such as Mothers Day, Memorial Day or Valentine’s Day, our skilled designers will select from the market’s freshest floral offerings and create a unique flower placement design for you. Visit us online at https://forestlawnflowershop.com.