After a long year of quarantine, working from home, wearing masks, no public gatherings, and social distancing, things are starting to open up. The Governor’s order on June 15 has allowed us to get back to normal—or at least back to a new normal.  Things may never be exactly the way they were.


The new health order means that for now at least, we can return to having family functions, indoor dining, going to sporting events and museums, attending graduations, and more.


Beginning this summer, we’re going to see a plethora of concerts by musical acts that have pent-up creativity just ready to explode on stage.  Traveling, too, is opening up with some restrictions such as requiring facial coverings.


Forest Lawn will soon be able to return to holding memorial services inside our beautiful churches and chapels, which will be a welcome change with summer’s hot weather now upon us.


Perhaps going through the worst pandemic of our time will leave us with some new practices and changes in how we do things from now on. Will fist pumps replace handshakes? Will washing and sanitizing our hands become more commonplace? Will people continue to wear facial coverings during future flu seasons, and will they become required in hospitals and medical centers?


Time will tell if there will be permanent changes from the way things once were. But one thing that will never change is our commitment to serving you in your time of need. For more than a century, Forest Lawn has provided Southern California families with the best funeral service and care available.  Yes, we may have to make adjustments logistically if required by new health orders. But know this: you will always receive the attention and compassionate care that millions of people have come to know and expect from Forest Lawn.