Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having except as a result of hard work.

— Booker T. Washington


Labor Day weekend is here and if you’re like most people, you’re looking for a long weekend where you can kick back, BBQ, or hit the beach.  It’s a reward for all the hard work you’ve put in on your day-to-day job and an opportunity to reflect on the value of your labor.


It’s been said that if success was free, everyone would have it.  Hard work helps us become more disciplined, appreciate the value of things, and gives us a measure of control over our lives. Aside from the obvious benefit of meeting our daily needs, through hard work we can set goals and achieve our dreams and aspirations.


Even more, the harder we work on pursuing our dreams, the more we build confidence in ourselves and what we are able to achieve.  By not giving up and being consistent and persistent, it gives even those of us who struggle with our self-esteem a sense of purpose and destiny.


One of the many lessons learned through the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance and value of work. Some people lost their jobs and their sources of income, while others such as doctors, nurses, medical professionals, grocery and retail employees, test site workers, and others dealt with extraordinary conditions to navigate potential exposure to the virus.  Many workers found themselves working from home and adapting to a new normal of teleconferences and Zoom meetings.  It has been a long year and a half, and the story is yet to be finished.


So, as we approach Labor Day, we at Forest Lawn want to thank everyone who works so hard at their profession no matter what it is. That includes our team of dedicated professionals who are here to serve you with your memorial needs. We know the value of hard work and strive to ensure that your family will experience the best funeral service care that is available anywhere.


Happy Labor Day!