If you are considering cremation as your final disposition, you are not alone. A recent study by the National Funeral Directors Association revealed that in California in 2021, cremations accounted for 66.8% of all final dispositions.  Their forecasts show that trend rising with an estimated 71.8 % total in 2025 and rising to 83.8 percent by 2040.


Some people wonder if they can still have a memorial service if they choose cremation. They answer is yes. At Forest Lawn, we offer many ways to make it more customized to you and your loved one’s life story. We offer the opportunity for a deep and meaningful ceremony, before or after cremation, that helps your family and friends console each other while healing their hearts.


Forest Lawn also offers a variety of ways to customize your ceremony, making it unique to you and the life you shared with your loved ones. We also have a wide assortment of cremation caskets, unique urns, artistic jewelry, and special keepsakes to keep your loved one close after the cremation.

When it comes to property, you also have a wide selection of choices for memorialization such as indoor or outdoor, and granite or glass-front niches, so you can pick the perfect location for those who want a place to visit and remember.


To learn more about cremation at Forest Lawn, give us a call at 323-364-9191 or visit us online at  https://forestlawn.com/cremation/. We are here to answer any questions you may have.