“My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.’ – Michael Jordan


Father’s Day is a mixed blessing for me. It warms my heart to get phone calls—Face Time calls preferred—from my two children who live far away. But it also brings me some sadness as my dad is no longer with us.


Oh, what I wouldn’t give for one more day together! I have so much that I want to thank him for and tell him. As I have grown and become a dad myself, so much of who I am and what I have imparted to my children is because of him.


He taught me to work hard, show up early, stay late, don’t call in sick unless you’re sick, and don’t complain. I shared those values with my son, and upon receiving his first big promotion at work, he said to me, “Dad you were right! They said they promoted me because I worked hard, came to work early, stayed late if I had to, and didn’t call in sick a lot.”  Score one for me and my dad.


When I went to college, he told me that I may be taught some things that I don’t agree with but not to lose faith or perspective. He was right.


I also learned a lot from his passing. My dad died way to young. He was only 57 and had some health issues. I learned first-hand that life is short. That it’s important to take care of yourself. Spend time with the people who matter most to you and do the things that matter most to you. Stay in touch with those who are not close by. All good advice.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who show us love, support, and guidance over the years. We also remember with great admiration and care those dads who are no longer with us. As we remember, let us all ask ourselves, what did we learn from our dad?