Since our inception in 1906, we at Forest Lawn have seen a lot of firsts and are now seeing a lot of landmark anniversaries. For instance, The Builder’s Creed, the vision for what Forest Lawn was to become, was written in 1917, some 106 years ago. Our first church, the Little Church of the Flowers, opened in 1918, 105 years ago. In 1924, Forest Lawn held its first Easter Sunrise service and will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. Then nine years later, in 1933, Forest Lawn became the first funeral service organization to have a mortuary within cemetery grounds, and with churches and a flower shop, became the first funeral organization to have everything in one place.


Another landmark event also happened 100 years ago this month.  A young man named Archie Milton Howes and his fiancée Cora Wills visited Forest Lawn-Glendale and took a nice stroll on the grounds. When they passed by the Little Church of the Flowers, they were impressed by its Old World charm and intimacy.


The couple returned to Forest Lawn a few more times and were becoming increasingly impressed—and curious—about the Little Church of the Flowers.  Since it was such a beautiful setting, could people get married there?  The curiosity finally got to them, and they approached one of Forest Lawn’s memorial counselors and asked if they could have their wedding at the Little Church of the Flowers.


The rest, as the old saying goes, is history.  Since Archie and Cora walked down the aisle of the Little Church, more than 70,000 people have held their weddings at Forest Lawn.


We don’t know how many people will be married at Forest Lawn over the next 100 years, but we do know that our commitment to serving people of all faiths, cultures, and beliefs will remain strong.