Winston Churchill is credited with saying, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” This very simple, but poignant statement is applicable in many areas of life. As Great Britain’s leader during World War II, he saw it apply directly to government and military affairs as he helped lead the Allies to victory.  But planning extends far beyond the walls of government and the military.


Anyone who owns or operates a business knows the importance of planning. Owning a business may sound romantic, but in reality, it is anything but candy and roses. The failure rate of new businesses in many industries can be quite high. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, approximately 53% of businesses in the construction industry fail within 4 years. Of those businesses, 46% cite the lack of planning as a major cause of the failure.


By taking the time to establish a plan, a businessperson exponentially increases the chance that they will succeed.  The same principles of planning are true in our everyday lives. We have the opportunity to plan for so many aspects of what we do or will do: our education, where we will live, retirement savings, major purchases, college savings for our children, and so much more.


There are also some important things we should plan for to help put our families in the best position possible for financial and emotional stability and success. Having adequate life insurance, drafting a will, and making memorial plans in advance are three key areas that can and should be taken care of ahead of time for peace of mind and protection.


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