One of the most popular trends in recent years is the adult coloring book craze.  There are hundreds of coloring books available that cover a myriad of subjects. Book stores, libraries, coffee shops and friendly gatherings are all places where you can find people engaging in this endeavor.

Why has coloring become so popular among adults? The process of coloring in a pleasing but often complex design is a calming and comforting practice. It is, in its essence, a type of meditation.

Because of its meditative qualities, coloring can be a very useful tool in the grief process. Creating art of any kind helps us put our grief into motion and move us towards a better place.

Dr. SunWolf, a whimsical professor, author, social scientist, attorney, folklorist and ukulele enthusiast who plays with words and crayons wrote, «Give crayons. Adults are disturbingly impoverished of these magical dream sticks.»

Even if you have never been artistic, or a drawer/doodler, you may wish to try this simple practice of coloring and reconnect with something we all enjoyed as kids. Those magical «dream sticks» may help bring some peace and tranquility to your grief.