Heritage Package
Basic services and facilities
Care and preparation
Visitation (1 Day)
Funeral ceremony
Casket coach
Casket (choice
Floral tribute
Personalized stationery products
Memorial book, bi-fold memory folders (100), premium acknowledgement cards with photo (50), bookshelf box
Total Funeral and Memorial Services
Cemetery Services
Interment and recording (burial)
Outer burial container (Continental)
Standard bronze memorial tablet (16” x 28”)
Placement and foundation
Single-vase service
Carnation boutonnieres (6)
Total Cemetery Services
Total Package Value
Casket Discount
– $2,050

Casket Selection

The caskets seen in this package are priced at $5,000.
The package includes the price of one of the following caskets. Other casket options are available and will affect the final price of the package.

Due to the natural variations that occur in wood, such as grain, texture and color, the samples and photos do not exactly match the actual wood products.

Please click to see additional color options on certain caskets.

Prices are effective 4/4/2023, do not include sales tax or DCA fee, and are subject to change without notice. Call or email us for more information. Prices are subject to change.