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Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries

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Equal Treatment

Limit Use of Sensitive Personal Data

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Privacy contact
(844) 769-6754 /

Effective date
June 30, 2023



List of information we collect / Varying times, depending on why you provided it
If you We Collect Your Personal Data We Keep It
Visit our website Automatically collected data, such as:

  • IP address
  • Device and browser information
  • Statistics about your general location and your online browsing and search history based on tracking technologies
26 months
Use our public Wifi 90 days
Chat with us
  • Audio or electronic information, like written or sound recordings of your messages
  • Content of our interactions with you
5 years
Call us or leave a message 5 years
Inquire about planning a service

Buy flowers

RSVP to an event

Sign up to receive information

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Your interests in services and events
  • Content of our interactions with you
  • Payment information (for flower shop only)
Up to 10 years after our last interaction, depending on our relationship with you
Buy funerary services or products
  • Identifiers, like name, signature, and government ID numbers
  • Contact information
  • Log-in information to access your account or our website, such as username and password
  • Date/place of birth/death
  • Marital/domestic partnership status and family/friends contact information
  • Payment and financial information, including credit card, banking, or insurance information
  • Interests
  • Content of our interactions with you
  • Sensitive Personal Information, including gender, religious affiliation, race/ethnicity, and certain health information
The duration of your life and an indefinite period thereafter
Visit our parks
  • Audio and visual recordings of you, including photographs, sound, or video
  • Vehicle license numbers of cars entering our parks
  • Identifiers, such as name or driver’s license number of persons reporting an incident to us in one of our parks
Video retained for 6 months, or until no longer needed.

Reports retained for 4 years.



List of purposes
If You We Use Your Personal Data To
Visit our website
  • offer you access to and secure our digital properties from harm, including monitoring of your use
  • design and arrange the Site in the most user-friendly manner
  • use third party services, such as Google Analytics, that collect, monitor, and analyze Log Data to market to you and provide you with a personalized experience
  • protect the interests of Forest Lawn, its families, guests, employees, and others
  • offer you products, services, or events of interest
  • enroll you in email or text message marketing
  • provide information that you request, including referrals
  • monitor and train to ensure quality customer service


Use public Wifi
Chat with or call us
Inquire about our services, events or products
Sign up to get information
Are a prospective customer
RSVP to an event
  • register your online account
  • fulfill your product or service needs
  • maintain our own accounts for billing and services
  • offer you access to and secure our physical and digital properties from harm, including audio and video recording you within our premises and monitoring our networks
Buy flowers
Buy funerary services or products
Visit our parks
  • comply with our legal obligations
  • conduct our business more effectively and efficiently
  • protect the interests of Forest Lawn, its families, guests, employees, and others
  • administer other internal business activities
  • foster and maintain a safe and welcoming environment to best serve our member families and guests


Privacy rights detailed information
As a California resident, you have the following rights:
  • Access: You have the right to access a copy of your Personal Data that we hold about you, upon receipt of a verified request.
  • Accuracy: You have the right to correction of any inaccurate or out of date Personal Data, upon receipt of a verified request.
  • Deletion: You have the right to delete your Personal Data, upon receipt of a verified request, with some exceptions.
  • Equal Treatment: You have the right to equal treatment regardless of your exercise of your privacy rights.
  • Sensitive Personal Data: You have the right to limit, with some exceptions, our use of your sensitive Personal Data, including identification numbers (like Social Security number), precise geolocation data, personal demographic information (like your race or religion), and information about your health.
  • Opt Out:  You have the right at any time to opt out of the sale of your Personal Data or the sharing of your Personal Data for targeted or cross-context behavioral advertising.